Why Content is not a King?

Blogging Guru’s says Content is the King and someone with Good content only can Write a good Blog post and owns a successful Blog site.But it is not True, they are just throwing away a piece of information and making you confuse,Where you will not drive and move to right direction. Content is not a King if you ask why? Here is my view.

Content is not a King
Content is not a King

Google,Bing and other search engines have made drastic changes in algorithms,to get good and accurate search results.When a user key in a keyword should get a first page with relevant and accurate information.SEO specialist are behind this algorithms to understand and tuning their clients website to match the algorithm and trying to reach top rank.

I’m not trying to deviate from the blog title topic.If you have good content,then write on your blog post, but reaching to those users is still not guaranteed. You may try to publish your blog post link on social media and other forum platforms. but those links wont also live long.What matters most is organic search traffic,your content is read by search engines and bring them to top pages in search results.

How to make your content reach top in search result?

When you’re writing your blog post, behind your mind there should be SEO page optimization techniques.You have to write your blog post such a way that reaches the top page of search result as soon it is published,With this organic search traffic,content will be shared across the social platforms,forums and content sharing site.Your efforts to reach your right audience will be minimal and organic search keeps you content live and fresh.

What are the SEO techniques that you need to know While Writing a blog post?

  • You need to search the right long tail keyword and will be your focus keyword for your blog post.
  • You have to have your focus keyword in your first paragraph of your blog post.
  • You should have your content in small paragraphs.
  • You should have images with alt description of your focus keyword.
  • You need to have H2 header subtitle with focus keyword.
  • On your blog you need to keep interlinking to your other post.
  • One external link to outside webpages to link.
  • If your content suites for Question and answer type, it helps to rank well in Serps.
  • You should use one power word, with positive or a negative word in title.
  • Your blog link and meta description should contain your focus keyword.
  • Your content should be more than 600 words or less fine, as long as you have above SEO steps followed.
Now you will agree that only Content is not a King.A Good Content and SEO on page optimization will definitely put your blog page on top.You can follow the above method and should see good results. You can comment on your experience and results.

A Good Content with On Page SEO Optimization is the King

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