Startup of BloggingATM

What is BloggingATM?

When you read my Blog name BloggingATM, you would definitely thought this should be site on making money from Blogging. Definitely not, this is on how to startup the blog site? how should a blog site informative to readers or visitors? How to structure the blog site? How to maintain a SEO rules?

Startup of BloggingATM Site

Why the Name BloggingATM?

I choose this blog name, readers can remember the name easily and also catchy.

What does BloggingATM all about?

BloggingATM stands for Blogging on Affiliate related opportunities, How to drive Traffic to Blog sites? How to make Money from Blog Sites?

What Kind of Information will share on BloggingATM?

With 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing world, Most of time were failures, wrong decisions and bad Mentors, resulting in good learning Experience.Now I’am good technical Person, computer Programmer, SEO and in Affiliate marketing methods.

What you need to to become a Blogger?

You just need to keep writing about your interested subjects, Do not think too much on writing skills, even a smallest subject is informative to others who may be looking in any corner of this World.Blogging is all about your thoughts, experience and innovative ideas that can help others to gain knowledge and trust on the subject.

Where does the idea come from ?

With so much ups and downs in Affiliate and digital Marketing, now Started to connect myself and trying to bring up a Good Road Map or you call a Blue Print that really inspires to start .

TED talk that brought Change in me

With More ideas now Let’s Start blogging 😊

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