How to Write SEO Friendly Content Blog Post?

We are going to explore the structure of a blog post and will learn to Write SEO Friendly Content Blog Post.Hope you have followed my previous blog post Road Map to Start a Successful Blog.

Why to Write SEO Friendly Content Blog Post?

The structure elements grabs and keeps the attention or interest of the reader to keep reading the blog till end,make him to explore other content of blog and also convince him to revisit site for more information.A well structured content blog post brings more traffic from search search traffic will boost your site performance. A Visitor staying on your blog post improves search traffic and reduces bounce rate (Visitor leaving site before reading the content).

A blog post must have these Structure and Elements:
  • Blog title must have focus keyword, which grabs attention of search engine and visitors.
  • The body content of post should be in small paragraphs between 5 to 8 sentences.
  • In the first paragraph try to include focus keyword, to increase the keyword density.
  • Create sub paragraphs with good headlines like questions, why, how, If and use H2 headings.
  • Add the images with the Alt text (alternative text), which adds SEO images.
  • In entire post look for keywords and add interlinks to improve the site SEO.
  • Link a keyword to one external link no follow.
  • Blog post should contain Minimum 600 words and less then 1200 words.
How to structure your blog post for SEO

22 SEO Elements helps to increase search engine ranking and site traffic

  1. Add Focus Keyword to the SEO title.
  2. Add Focus Keyword to your SEO Meta Description.
  3. Use Focus Keyword in the URL.
  4. Use Focus Keyword at the beginning of your content.
  5. Use Focus Keyword in the content.
  6. Content should be 600-2500 words long.
  7. Use Focus Keyword in subheading(s) like H2, H3, H4, etc..
  8. Add an image with your Focus Keyword as alt text.
  9. Keyword Density is 0. Aim for around 1% Keyword Density.
  10. URL unavailable. Add a short URL.
  11. Link out to external resources.
  12. Add Do Follow links pointing to external resources.
  13. Add internal links in your content.
  14. Set a Focus Keyword for this content.
  15. Use the Focus Keyword near the beginning of SEO title.
  16. Titles with positive or negative sentiment work best for higher CTR.
  17. Add power words to your title to increase CTR.
  18. Add a number to your title to improve CTR.
  19. Blog post Title catches user attention
  20. You seem to be using a Table of Contents plugin to break-down your text.
  21. Add short and concise paragraphs for better readability and UX.
  22. Add a few images and/or videos to make your content appealing.

To achieve the above SEO Standards, It’s always difficult to remember and do cross verification which need more attention and time.A plugin called RANK MATH will do the job for you and always checks what is missing and what elements need to add, it’s a free plugin.

Follow this Structure on every Blog post and maintain a clean and tidy blog post, which will give a good impression to visitors.

If you need any assistance or questions, please comment or contact me.

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